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1 Getting Started and Narrowing Down Solutions 1.1 What do I need to prepare before shopping for window coverings?

Prepare a list of windows with approximate dimensions (width x height and depth). For drapery: measure the ceiling height and take photo of window with wall space. Also, take photos of windows where you feel you need more advice. Contact us and we can provide additional guidance as needed., 1-905-604-1222.

1.2 Can I just use the same product for all my windows?

Different window covering products addresses different needs better than others. For instance, light control, privacy, extra insulation, visual interest and tie in to room decors. Therefore in general, you should take a room-by-room approach to selecting the right product and finishes. You may find that this approach actually saves you money too!

1.3 What should I use for the sliding balcony/patio doors?

Questions to ask when determining what type of product you should use includes:

How often do you go outside to the balcony or yard in a typical day? Are there any concerns about pets or children playing with the blinds? (as the blinds will reach the floor level). Are the sliding doors next to some windows thereby wanting a more consistent look with the windows? We have a range of vertical blinds and shades solutions like vertical sheers shades, fabric vane vertical blinds, vertical honeycomb shades.

For horizontal solutions, homeowners typically use Roller shades, or Combi shades.

Drapery can also be used. Modern style drapery works best for patio doors. Our Wave Fold drapes are a great solution as its looks modern and pricing is inline with blinds and shades pricing.

2 Features & Options 2.1 For the Zebra or Combi Shades do they provide Blackout?

Zebra Shades do not provide full blackout. Instead, for the Room Darkening fabric options, they provide Room Darkening. Some light still filter through through the fabric and also with the gaps between the front and back layers, light have a direct path into the room at a steep angle. Room Darkening provides sufficient darkening needs if you sleep at night. For shift workers who sleep during daytime and are particularly sensitive to light, you many want to consider blackout Roller Shades, blackout Drapery, blackout honeycomb shades or blackout roman shades.

2.2 I have an odd shaped arch window that needs to be covered. Is there any solution that just covers that arch window?

Yes, we do custom valances. We trace the window to create a template for the custom valance. Our solution provides blackout and can also be removed and reattached without any tool. Check this page on our website for photos and more details: click here

2.3 What is the best solution to cover the glass on a French Door or Entrance door?

Most shades and blinds solutions can be mounted directly on the door in an outside mount application. However, there are 3 factors to consider when selecting the right solution: 1) typically the door uses a levered handle which leaves only a 1″ clearance gap for the shade to pass through; 2) ideally the shade should be physically attached to the door at the bottom to prevent the shade from swinging outwards to hit someone when the door is opened or closed; 3) A child and pet friendly cordless lifting solution should be selected for operating the shade. Given these three criteria, honeycomb/cellular shades have options that meet all 3 criteria at a reasonable cost. You can check here for details: click here

3 Product Offerings 3.1 Is everything I see online on website your complete offering?

No, we only show are more popular offerings and only the more popular finish choices. We have more product categories, styles, finishes, and options available in our showrooms. For locations click here

3.2 On your corporate site I see Graber but you don’t show them online?

Yes, we are a major dealer of Graber Blinds. To see their detail offerings go to and select what you like and email us at We can provide you with swatch samples and pricing.

3.3 My window size is larger then what I can select in drop down menu?

The product size limitations are usually listed in the product description section on the product page. For oversize windows, you may have to split the windows into 2 or 3 sections.

We also may be able to do larger sizes as specials. You can talk to us directly — call 905-604-1222.

4 Services 4.1 Do you provide installation services?

Trendy Closets is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada with showrooms in Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Kitchener. However, we have installation crews that can go as far East as Ottawa, North to Barrie, and South West to London, Ontario. We can calculate the installation rate for your project and you can pay our installer directly.

When you create a log-in account, please enter your full address information and we can inform you if we provide installation services in your area.

For areas outside of our installation service radius, we do provide installation instructions and videos and the products can be quickly and easily installed by the homeowner or one could hire a local handyman. We would be happy to provide phone and video support where needed.

4.2 Do you provide measuring services?

Trendy Closets is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada with showrooms in Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Kitchener. However

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